unhalf_cov01*After a couple of days these guys paid attention and did the right thing. But still…*

Allflac. A foreign company. It was interesting to learn they were offering a digital, “lossless” download of my album “Unhalfbaking” on their website. News to me. Had never heard of them. The nerve. I was not the original record label that put the release on the market. That distinction belonged to the old Upland marque (a subsidiary of O&O; short for Owned and Operated) which was an endeavor created by Joe Carducci, Bill Stevenson, and various members of the band ALL (and to a degree, The Descendents). ALL is in no way associated with Allflac and never was, but they have long been colleagues of mine.

The O&O/Upland regime was an attempt to market music a la the old independent style we did back in the 1980s when things were really snapping. The late 90s, however, were a whole new time when the non-vinyl world had changed, and in the mid-2000s the practicality of CDs had been overrun by the “new alternative” that led to the download nation. It was a life we didn’t expect to change quite so fast and it put us at a disadvantage. We tried but just didn’t have the organized teamwork to get out of that failure’s way and, during that time, Stevenson developed a brain tumor that almost laid him flat. After successful surgery, he pulled the plug on his usual bonus-cup, over-achieving self and sent me the “Unhalfbaking” CD inventory. He was happy to be alive and donate his artists’ products back to them, no business strings attached.

I’m well aware the album title is a tongue-in-cheek variation on Fairport Convention’s 1969 release “Unhalfbricking.” There was never any dispute about that (and, generally, titles cannot be protected by copyright law) but the commercial use of an artist’s original work and recordings without the artist’s permission is quite another thing. Allflac, I believe, is therefore in violation and I’m anxiously waiting to hear (or collect money) from them. I’m sure they can deal with my notification on the matter within 30 days.

And this is all because I was preparing to sell my own music on my No Auditions.com store—CD and download versions. Allflac? Look ’em up yourself.