And them discs are COLD, baby, COLD!

I’ve yacked about this Kamikaze Refrigerators record before and a few years ago made the mp3 download available thru CD Baby and iTunes, and posted the initial YouTube video to promote it. Now there’s a new video informing folks that I finally got around to making the (at least) 130 ORIGINAL VINYL PRESSINGS of the LP available at my No Auditions website—something that took me a long time due to my well-meaning, independent, inefficient DIY principles. A man’s gotta stand up (or just lay down and say “fuck it”) for such undone activity.

Question: Why should self-respecting vinyl junkies consider this recording rare or collectible? I guess because it’s from the early 1980’s badass Austin, TX punky rocky era that misguided music fans think is somewhat… special. Although, what would I know about it? All I ever did was send the band’s low-fi cassette recording to New Alliance for inclusion in the “Mighty Feeble” compilation; record a 4-track demo of them sometime before I recorded the 1983 8-track project whose master mix none of the “hip indie labels” thought was hip (or hardcore) enough for them to release in the mid-80s; then decided to release it on my own self-financed label just for the hell of believing it was worth it. It sold a few hundred copies, got respectable college radio airplay and some darn good fanzine reviews.

I think the surviving NON-REISSUED pressings will live a better life in a vinyl lover’s chilled Frigidaire than in my frostbitten basement. Maybe I’m right; maybe I’m wrong. You make the call. And check out the above video showing exactly what vinyl collectors should know about collecting.