In October, 2014, “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening” shipped from the printer and was officially released the next month. I was in LA from November 20 to December 8 to promote its launch with a few book-signings—something I’d never done before—but I survived. At Amoeba Hollywood I had a great time with Reverend Dan/KXLU spinning tunes. “Stray Pop” Stella was there too and I met “King of Hair!” Got a chance to sign some old gig posters and a special drum head, and a coupla young Hermosa Beach locals welcomed the old man back into the fold. Ahhh… Thanks guys!

amoeba_sign02  amoeba_sign

A few days after Amoeba there was a signing at Arcana Books in Culver City where I finally got to shake Ed Templeton’s hand. He did woodcuts for the deluxe edition’s slipcase and 7″ vinyl. I’d been familiar with his work for some time but had never met him. And, lo & behold, writer Marlys West quietly showed up. I met her when we both lived in Austin, but I had no idea she’d moved to LA. What a surprise! And shoutout to Mysti! It’s really cool to meet new, enthusiastic ROLLERSKATERS! Screw that inline crap!

Did a third signing at Green Apple Books in San Francisco. Coolest thing? Mike Kolar (page 90 in the book) showed up. One of the guys I used to skate with, we’d had no contact in 35 years. Now, that was a great, long conversation! Here’s a shot of him that didn’t make the editor’s cut:

Speaking of (roller)skaters, I also ran into Duke Rennie, another guy I sessioned with. He’s still doing it! Vertical and all! He was at the Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ… where I played a set…

spot_lk01  spot_lk2

…then a week later did a show @ Cafe Nela. Sorry, no videos or photos of this event.

Now I’m ashamed to admit that my latest pair of skates are just sitting in the corner of the room waiting for me to replace bearings and maybe crack out the old Lazer trucks I used to ride.