dboon_nwt01Though I sent out some Tweet action on the subject, I feel incomplete having not mentioned the Premier Guitar article on D. Boon. I’m very proud of contributing my perspective and info on what the man did and how he did it back when he did it, at a time when he, Watt and Hurley were being told, “hey, you can’t do that!” Like hell they couldn’t. It was a clear example of the worst of times and tools proving to be quite the best of motivations.

Of the two photos I donated to PG, one was used; the other was not. A highly cropped version of the unused shot is what you see here. It was used about 10 months ago on a certain author’s website. I decided to post it here without asking him. Pretty sure (!) I can get away with it.

On a deeper level, I wish PG had the space to add my story on seeing D.’s Tele Custom for the first time in Austin, TX when Minutemen shared the stage at Liberty Lunch with Big Boys. Helluva show, helluva story in 1984 (which is why I need to add it to my “Anti-Punk Rock History” WIP). Ain’t no sense in publishers not going more nuts than usual. They’ve drooled over the photos, but haven’t really heard the untold stories.