July 24 was a kinda pivotal day for me. I’d decided it was time for me to “step out,” as it were, and rally the troops! Tim and Beth Kerr came up from Austin to join me in an art show/book signing event at Eos Surf Shop (only surf shop in Wisconsin!). Then we moved over to the Weather Center Cafe where Tim pulled out the button accordian, I pulled out the guit-fiddle and banjer, and we whipped some Irish reels and jigs onto the bitches! Then my guitar/drum duo (still need a bassist) did a “warts-and-all & to-hell-with-expectations” performance. Why not? Geena, the unapologetic masters of Sheboygan shoe-gaze, closed out the music portion of the night. Whiskey, fun and who said anything about sleeping?

salinas_spotAlso on that trip was Joe Salinas, a filmmaker putting together a Big Boys doc. He’s also from Austin and we sat up one night yakkin’ about mutual friends. Oh, man… such connections go deep… and unrepeatable secrets… that I’ll never tell. Folks would think I’m lyin’.

Hey, Joe… where’s the shot of that boat run aground on the jetty?