Shoutout Dept:

pa_7First time I saw these guys (in their former identity of Dead Moon) at Garage Shock 1995 in Bellingham, WA, I wondered what the hubbub was about. Folks praised them but for some reason I didn’t get it. Maybe it was my deep romance with traditional Celtic music? I don’t know. A year later I saw them at Emo’s in Austin and, boy howdy, I got it! I REALLY GOT IT! Another happy case of time straightening me out.

They played a great show at Lovejoy’s Taproom (RIP) on October 23, 2011—shortly before I left Austin. I dragged in some multitrack gear and recorded their whole set just for the hell of it. The P.A. was pumping, crowd was humping, drinks were thumping… who could ask for more? The band decided to use two of the tracks for this 7-incher that would have been sold on their 2014 UK tour. Unfortunately, guitarist/vocalist Fred Cole needed serious heart surgery and all tours, gigs, etc. had to be cancelled. That’s life. But Fred’s date with the knife was totally successful. He recovered magnificently and PIERCED ARROWS HAS BEEN BACK EVER SINCE! Yeehaw!

Maybe there’s still some of the limited-edition discs available? Go to their website and see if you can get yours. I got mine. I’m damn proud to have been involved in its creation!