park_fairyWhilst in LA promoting the book, I hung out a bit with longtime friend Janet Housden. Her entry in Dave Markey’s and Jordan Schwartz’s “We Got Power!” is a mind-opener (pg 168). There’s no way you can make up a credible story about smashing a vodka bottle over Tony Alva’s head unless you’d actually done it. Now it’s there for the world to read. She has some great stories to tell and has begun seriously writing them down. Janet harbors lots of righteous indignation against, well, everybody who deserves it, and in the wonderful City of the Angels, the streets are crawling with such people and parking regulations are an unholy joke. “A Penny for the Parking Fairy” skewers those realities as well as the hipsters and entitled little bitches that make living there a pure hell at (most) times.

…Just as Kyle was checking into Intelligensia Coffee on Foursquare, a voice with a drawling California accent spoke up: “You should put a penny on the sidewalk. For the Parking Fairy.”
Kyle looked up from his phone to see a hideous hippie crone, with long, unkempt white hair and a ragged Mott the Hoople t-shirt, staring at him from the shade of a half-dead Bougainvillea bush. “I should what for the what?” said Kyle irritably, not sure he should even be talking to this person. Was that t-shirt from a vintage shop, or had she found it in the trash? Kyle desperately needed this information in order to know how to react.
Before he could make up his mind, the stranger spoke again. “When you score a killer parking spot, you put a shiny penny on the curb as a tip for the Parking Fairy. It’s good luck.”

“A Penny…” was reviewed in The LA Beat 9-17-14. If you think I’m kidding about the parking… look here.