When I first moved to Wisconsin I had no internet other than the local coffeehouse. With no allegiance to the GB Packers, spending time in bars was pointless. Been there, done that, no excitement for that life unless yer payin’ me. I started collecting inexpensive Fender and Squier parts from which to build experiments—an activity for cold winter nights when there’s nothing else to do and no place to go. In September of ’14 I finished stage one of a “Partscasting” project.There’s a reason Strats and Teles are so damned popular and iconic, but I’ve always had a special love for Jazzmasters (and Jaguars). Below is the result of some gene splicing.


This little beast was a successful venture. I stripped off a crappy finish, recontoured and rerouted the body, cut a pickguard from scratch. The first pickups I put in were some lesser (Classic Player?) units I had laying around that sounded pretty good if you dig a Tele vibe. It was righteously bright with a 500k volume pot. I’ve since dropped in a set of full-wound AVRIs And switched out to a 250k pot. Haven’t yet acted on any of the conversations I’ve had with Jazzmaster mavens like J Mascis. I’ve always liked Seymour Duncans too.

Stefano of Il Sogno del Marinaio played the damn thing on one song at their show in Madison, WI one night shortly after I’d battened down the guitar’s hatches. It sounded pretty darn good and he liked it. We both thought it could use heavier gauge strings, tho.


Of course, when Watt got his hands on it he wanted to use it for a kayaking paddle. No. I wouldn’t let him do that. Thankfully, the Polar Vortex made it a moot point.

In the meantime, I came up with some new Strat wiring configurations that have been working pretty well on other guitars but I haven’t created any coherent wiring diagrams or sound files. Might have something to do with all the fun I’ve had reviving a huge box of pedals I haven’t touched in ages. Woohoo! Guitar geeks, stand by…