I did an art show at Luna Cafe which opened Sept 10. It gave me a chance to pull some new images into the collection. Guess I’m getting the hang of this kinda thing, haha. That night I played a solo set of music and was followed by Nick Utrie’s Nutrients Trio.

dp_show01  dp_show02

Played “DockStock” in Madison on Sept 26. It’s a yearly musical event behind Golden Produce with lotsa food, beer and good fun.

The Luna art show came down Oct 21, the same night Gurf Morlix and Pat MacDonald played a double bill. Great listenin’ and fun yackin’! It’s pretty cool to catch up with folks from Austin when you can intercept them on their tour route. A few years ago I was the one doing the driving and being intercepted in those situations. Not that it ain’t gonna happen again at some point… (HINT: This is a feeble attempt to get guys like Mike Watt and Danny Barnes to play up here on the small-town-‘sconsin plan. Cuz hey, Ray Wylie, I knowz folks’d benefit from proper snake farm trainin’ and conversatin’ wit’ devils)