…no no no, yes yes yes, ha! ha! ha! Ain’t no Nanette here.

Seriously, I can announce that NO AUDITIONS—the professional name/identity I came up with in the late 1970s, and used in a number of different business ventures—exists as an e-commerce website where I can now efficiently sell original photographic prints, audio recordings in various formats, written works, etc, and who knows what else. It basically comes down to whatever I have and feel like offering to the public. 

SoTEO_cover01Starting with a meager bang, there’s only one product in the store at the moment: a large-format print of the “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening” cover image. Setting up the site and online payment thang took time to do right; there’s always little glitches and I’m only one person handling everything. It’s always a good plan to start slow and accurate rather than flashy and unorganized.

The Kamikaze Refrigerators “Happy Thoughts” vinyl LP is next at bat.



Ah, yes. A flyer from the first time I used the No Auditions name.
I produced and promoted this show at the Cove Theater in Hermosa Beach, December 27, 1979. My performance was strictly for creating a disrespectful dork factor. I was good at that.