A few months back I was interviewed by Justin Lightle for his… I guess it’s a podcast? Sure. Let’s go with that term. I get very overwhelped and famboozled with terms. Especially when it comes to musical things I was involved in. They’ve said some bands could be my life and that I’m somehow responsible? I don’t know about that, but some claims could be the source of my whelpage… for lack of any other improperly used term. (yeah, look that shit up on Merriam-Webster or Urban Dictionary. couldn’t hurt.)

When the documentarial discussions get thrown at me I usually need to think about what the hell really happened back then according to how folks say they did. Really makes it tough to consider how all those things looked. So damn, memorially tough. Most of those records I don’t even own, fer crissakes! Now I can’t just be a proverbial Misfit passing some beer bong bombast in the middle of the night… or a Husker Du diplomat dangling the deal for all kinds of Scandinavian disappointment. (oh ya? oh ya.)

Whether to blame a band or not… <sigh> it’s my life.

ps– there’s a Part II also.