“…in any case, the moon”—Jack Kerouac

Hubbub? Always. It’s been over 45 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing, and a coupla years ago Buzz Aldrin’s “BEST SELFIE EVER!” made the rounds shaming all self-obsessed picture takers (In his own words, he nailed it. I mean, who are we to argue? It was 1966, bitchezzz!), I think it’s only fair to add to that legacy. For the edification of Bart Sibrel and his posse of Moon Hoax Theorists, I post this:

Alan Bean may have been only(!) the 4th man to set foot on the lunar surface (Apollo 12; November 19, 1969), but for those who don’t know, he’s a damn fine artist. He contributed an impressive body of paintings of that iconic experience. This is one of my favorites—“Hello Universe”

hello_uI think he and Sun Ra would have been good friends. And The Last Poets probably would have forgiven him for being a “Whitey on the Moon.”

I’ve been all through the moon hoax theories and listened to all the naysayers. I know enough about science and physics and photography to make up my own mind that, yes, it’s more likely to have happened than not. And it’s most likely that Sibrel and his cronies didn’t count on running out of anti-evidence they could manufacture in debunking what they were certain was a myth. A friend I once argued with on the subject finally declared: “Man, I really don’t want to think!” I decided to let him have the last word.

The point is that far more imagination speaks from reality than from the negation of it. Mr. Sibrel was quieted by a punch in the nose which proved that Neanderthals were not as stupid as we may have thought. Moon Landing Hoax? Well, Mr. Aldrin can post a “hey, check this out!” selfie and smirk all he wants to. Go on with your bad self! All the astronauts and cosmonauts of that adventure can smirk and show all the photos and tell all the stories they want to as well. The journey has only started. And Mr. Bean, with primitive paints and canvas, can persist in imagining how much farther it all might go.