…and Joe Carducci was slingin’ copies of his books at Quimby’s August 31. Kinda poetic to do it the last day of the month. I’m still sluggin’ my way thru his latest, Stone Male—A Requiem For The Living Picture, and I’ll soon finish it and write as decent a review as I can. It’s not that I’m a lazy or irresponsible reader, quite the opposite, but it’s a tough read when not fully schooled in essential film history, especially when you get into the development of the Soviet industry as influenced by the American Western. That makes it even more difficult. And, as usual, Joe’s extensive research can whack people across their heads the way Rock & The Pop Narcotic did years ago, and maybe give Marx, Stalin and Trotsky some runs for their rubles.

But the night at Quimby’s was really about that whole other thing back when the punky was legitimately rocky. Yeah, culturistas still wanna talk and ask questions about it, but I honestly think they covertly enjoy having their sensibilities whipped by the idea that once again, “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS (still) WRONG!” With Mugger tag-teaming, the punches were as somber as they were sappy or samurai. The spielage on Diane Kamikaze’s WFMU show was fun. The YouTube video from the bookstore is pretty cool: