…and eventually show you some of mine. I got lots of it, y’know.

Some months back Keith Morris contacted me needing some photos for his upcoming memoir. We’d had no contact in ages and, frankly, I was happy to hear from him. Despite all the punk rock wars, professional disagreements and ego conflicts (yeah, you know what I’m talking about), there was never any bad blood between us. I was more than keen to supply two specific images to his endeavor and here’s a preview:








Neither of these were in “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening” but the shot of the Polliwog Park melee was originally published in Easy Reader’s July 26, 1979 account of the incident.

The book is titled “My Damage” (Da Capo Press) and I was told the release date would be late July of 2016. The publishing world, like the music biz, can be very “unpredictable,” so I won’t guarantee this info is absolutely accurate. To paraphrase Mr. Tim Kerr: “Do your own research.” It worked for Keith and I; you’ve probably got the means right in your hand and it’ll likely work for you as well.