…the book was selling and being reviewed, and I was pickin’ on a regular basis again. March 20 I played a solo show in Madison at Mother Fool’s with Bucky Pope (ex-Tar Babies). It was rife with forgetting chords and words and making a complete fool of myself and not caring. What, me worry?

In May I did my first library presentation in Wausau (hotel room and everything!) and showed “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening—The Director’s Cut” (Sorry, it’s a secret)

On July 11 I opened a show for Dave Smalley @ Luna Cafe in De Pere. Early in the month I suffered a pinched nerve in my left arm which gave me fits and had me really spooked. It’s all about muscle memory and things hadn’t been working right but, once onstage, I managed to pull it off. What a relief. I just hope my “disclaimer” at the top of the set didn’t make me sound like a whiny shuckster. I hate that; especially when it’s me.