hoop01Olden (as far back as 2011) thoughts in my life. This, an excerpt from the “Anti-Punk Rock History” WIP. I’m gonna be in LA/Pedro for a Desolation Center event at Cornelius Projects June 17. This might appear in a possible photo-ish/text-ish/zine-ish/book-ish thing I may have as mersh:

“…the hip English music scene was very successful at free market ‘Categorism.’ It worked great for Adam & The Ants (and their attendant ‘New Romanticism’) but I never could stomach Crass’s über self-righteousness (nor their followers’ sense of ‘Nuevo Rapturism’). Maybe it provided David Koresh a blueprint for Branch Davidianism, but look where that ended up. I’m sure the Green Party thought they could improve on the design by putting the beer kegs in a jumbo jet with no engines (Unstable at any altitude? Eh, Mr. Nader?) but, once again, Wile E. Coyote was a genius in comparison. So I guess it’s only a matter of time til the Tea Party recognizes its moniker is based on an event that, really, only made the waters murky with something they couldn’t drink anyway. If they’re smart (and the same goes for the ‘Occupy Wally World’ tailgate party), they’ll moonrise_hb01hire Motorhead (sorry, Lemmy) to play at the ‘So Long, It’s Been Good Ta Know Ya’ strike party. Maybe it could be themed: ‘No Sleep Til The Next Revolution… Ya Think?’ But, all wishful thinking aside, who’ll care? And why attack ‘The Media’ when social tweeting and the ‘Book of Face Valueism’ have succeeded in making it unnecessary to think about televising or broadcasting any of it? Nowadays, attacking the media is tantamount to donning full Kevlar battle gear, arming an RPG launcher and making a charge against a package of Oreos.”