Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization

“…literary fiction that may appeal to misguided men, unsettled women, disgruntled music enthusiasts and anyone fond of examining the strings from which physicists’ yoyos spin.”

cover_sm3A novel by author G.S. Oldman, the audiobook version of “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization” was released in February 2019 and is  available thru AmazonGoogle Play, Playster, Nook, ScribdiTunes and other vendors.

Spot and GSO were both active in the Austin, TX music world during the late 1980s and 90s (Spot doing engineering, production and performing, while Oldman did behind-the-scenes promotion and booking). Neither live in Texas anymore. In 2012 they ran into each other at the Milwaukee Irish Festival where there was music, tune sessions, whiskey, and a couple of nights spent talking about ideas and a “…finally finished manuscript…” that needed… something. Spot volunteered to read it and give feedback; he had plenty of free time on his hands after retiring to the Midwest. Leaving no uncertain ideas behind, he jumped into researching and auxiliary editing the “lofty, improbable thoughts” he recognized all too well.

Originally released as an ebook in 2016, Spot believed that the story would fare best as an audiobook, then committed to making it a reality. It took more than two years of voiceover work (smartly using about 12 separate actors) but he got it done. Hooray.

So what’s this book about? There’s a full SYNOPSIS and some SOUND FILES on the author’s website.