Aside from trying to put a new band together, the most involving activities these past few years have been in the literary and publishing realms. Sounds of Two Eyes Opening was definitely a learning experience. I had originally envisioned a text-based book using photos as a secondary narrative but, upon querying publishers, there was lukewarm interest (or else they were unable to take on the project). When the Sinecure machine approached me there was genuine, go-for-it enthusiasm. I balked at the idea of eliminating the text but gut feeling suggested it was the right move. Having a mass of pages already written on the “Anti-Punk Rock History,” I knew I could resume that undertaking as a follow-up.

In the meantime, another project broadsided me.d&f_cov

G. S. Oldman and I go way back in the so-called “alternative” music scene and (despite its sordid nature) we’ll admit to having once shared a girlfriend. It wasn’t a painful affair; it was ridiculous and mostly hilarious. In Austin, I was in the more visible levels of performance and production; he was content to hide in the essential murk of promotion, booking and “babysitting” of artists and ventures that may or may not have caught the public’s attention. But the music world is nefarious and the less said about it the better one can maintain sanity. Survival is a whole ‘nother thing. I don’t even remember how we met; it might have been through “that woman” or some other drunken night, but I sense that he’s written more grant and budget proposals than most nuns have questionable habits. A reasonable fiddler, he surfaced a few years back at the Milwaukee Irish Fest during a tune session. There was whiskey and we talked for a long time. We’re both gluttons for mental punishment.

He had this story he was writing and needed some critical feedback. I volunteered—which may not have been a bad idea cuz I liked what I read and, next thing ya know, I’m one of his beta readers. Then he heard my recording of “Too Wise Too Crack.” Scheduled for release as an e-book, “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization” needs to be promoted somehow and this idea of creating audio files of text selections came about. Of course, I was declared *IT* and I’ve done stuff like this before. So far, only the reading of the prologue has been posted but more will be coming soon. Am I embarking on a tour of voiceover work? We’ll see. The plan includes using other voices as well, so, yeah… we’ll see.