Anti-Punk Rock—A History

apr_ft_cov02About 2009, Spot finally started writing it all down and digging up journals and notes from his past. He knew there were unique stories to tell that only he could have experienced. When trying to get the attention of publishers, however, he was met with faint enthusiasms or inabilities to “take on the project at this time.” Not a big deal, just the usual state of reality. Nothing is easy, and that’s that. It was definitely not a failure when Ryan Richardson and Johan Kugelberg offered the opportunity to release the non-text “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening.” It showed that there was a different kind of narrative than the usual punk history implies.

The modern literary world can have expectations that lean more toward genre than story, and it’s a normal pattern. There’s a big difference between what Desolation Center events created and how they fomented events like Coachella and Burning Man, but why be overly judgemental about it? Perhaps the best way to define culture is to know our own histories without trying to force those perspectives on newly developing timelines. Doing so only guarantees disappointment and the sense that the “good old days” are no longer, because they’re not.

Que sera sera. Spot still intends to put his story out there. Unseen photos and untold tales won’t stay in vaults forever. It’s why he constructed and self-released “Anti-Punk Rock—A History” scully72as a limited edition zine in late 2017. Meant as a teaser toward finishing the original text/photo/etc project… who knows? It could work.