I get it. Sometimes a man just needs a rest. Social media (why does that sound like such an odd concept?) can do a person in. Look at what’s happened with FB (or is it now Meta world? Eek!), and what’s happening to the Twitter (do you sense a Musky, rank smell too?). It’s not rocket science (wait. maybe it is?) but that Tesla sports car is probably still looking for a parking space at the Mars Starbucks (stop. this is getting silly). That’ll be a damned expensive Venti Grande ($44 billion bucks for a double and a cookie). Gee, now I’m blab blab blabbing (with a Count Basie downbeat!)

  • nd_barrelBut wait. There’s more. Music downloads on Bandcamp! Something I’ve been slouching toward for a long time. I tried to do it on my No Auditions site awhile back but it was a stillborn project that made me an audio loser (me? yeah, me) wanting to hide my face. I’d crossed my threshold of ignorance and decided it wasn’t worth trying to do EVERYTHING on my own. I’m too old to wanna keep chasing my own tail. Self-motivation is wonderful but not if I’m beating my foolish head against the wall. Time to let someone else do that for a change. I’ll survive. And the Titanic will sail along merrily while ice cubes fall fall fall from the sky sky sky and blab blab blab.

The debut Bandcamp collection is “First Barrel Defused” — 5 instrumental selections from my 2001-2008 music files. Back in the days when guitar feedback, acoustic trans-melodics, and tuned down banjos were all fair game. They might not be original tunes but that doesn’t matter when you can listen, laugh, scream and blab blab blab later. Especially when you scream scream scream for coffee sans cream cream cream.