“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” —John Archibald Wheeler

And when those things DO happen at once… wow.

This has been a long term project and I won’t go into details on how it started, but about 2 years ago I committed  to producing an audiobook version of the G.S. Oldman novel “Decline and Fall of Alternative Civilization.” I’d read the original manuscript and we’d both done music business crap thru the 90s and early 00s, and I totally understood the Austin aspect of the d&f_covstory and how certain events and language references were peculiar to it. He said, “That’s why I picked on you. You’d know how to edit this.” All I had to do was figure out how to make the audio approach work. Not an easy job when dealing with nearly 100,000-words, but I had a lot of open time after moving to Sheboygan.

I did all the narration, a few characters, knew I’d make an ass of myself to bite off more than I could chew, but could barely find local talent I could work with. It took my trip to the Desolation Center wingding in San Pedro this past June to realize that the voices I needed were in Los Angeles—people who were enthused about the project, and available! Shazam. But why should I be surprised? I’ll be hitting the “Big Orange” November 14 for three weeks to “…get ‘er done!”  and I’m totally looking forward to it!

I’ll be working with Janet Housden, George Basil, Rory Uphold and Pleasant Gehman—folks I’ve known for quite some time—and a few others. It beats the hell outta seeking strangers in Chicago (even though I love Chicago!). And did I say I’m REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS? (and cuin’ down some mac o cheese Gangnam Stylee, bitches!)IMG_2259

<voice of Walter Cronkite> In other news…
…aside from the voiceover stuff, I’ll be selling and signing pre-release copies of “Anti-Punk Rock—A History” at Book Soup Sat, Nov. 18 (where I’ll be yackin’ and crackin’ with booksoup_11-18Joe Carducci and Mugger), talking with a gallery about FINALLY doing the fabled LA art show… something that should’ve happened about 2 years ago, and doing a few other interesting things. But why try to talk about it all here?

It’s true. When it rains it pours.