“…all the world… no, wait. Most all the world,” he corrected. IMG_2259

Next thing I knew, the cheap smell of patchouli washed itself free of one pretension and gathered into a rage of middle-class stink. As far as pretensions were concerned, life was better for a while, if not pithier, and… and… and… I’ll just leave it at that. Aromas are one thing, misconceptions are entirely another. Then the Eighties and Nineties blew it all to hell when we coulda been contenders. We didn’t expect class, and we were given none.

On Saturday, November 18, Joe Carducci, Mugger and I will be doing a whooper-slapper at Book Soup in West Hollywood @ 3:00 pm. Joe’ll have his books Enter Naomi and Stone Male, and I’ll have Sounds of Two Eyes Opening and Anti-Punk Rock—a History. We’ll be yackin’ and crackin’ and signin,’ without the whinin’ that usually attaches itself to the ol’ punky rocky thing that happened “back when it was popular, kids!” Amazing to think we went thru that crap and never got any cool t-shirts outta the deal. But frankly, we didn’t care about that.

IMG_2260Anti-Punk Rock—a History (limited edition of 300) contains text excerpts and unreleased photos from a larger, upcoming book publication. Scheduled for a December 1 release date, APR—AH  will be available at the event for a direct, author signed pre-sale extravaganza! The full book is a work in progress to be released at a later date.

And yeah, you’ll just have to wait for that one.