Gee… I haven’t posted anything since 2019 and I’m asking myself why.pancake sleep
I don’t wanna ask myself why because whatever answer I come up with will only leave me frustrated and maybe looking like a tired old man with a stop watch, and I’ll be complaining: “Why can’t I have a regular flip phone? What’s wrong with pancakes? Is there no respect for tradition?”

To keep a short story shorter, I hit some kind of mental/emotional wall with social media and lost interest in the idea that there was something to say to someone or someone else, and, heaven forbid, I didn’t want to spelunk through whatever was rolling downhill in my brain. In all honesty, the downhill rolls were making me yawn… a lot. So I stopped. There was no need to examine anything; I had nothing to prove. I’d leave that to the theorists and alternative-facing influencers of a world thin with not much to say.

Yeah, definitely blogged out for a good while. And theorists and influencers are still a dime a dozen.