pa_7Fred and Toody Cole have been playing lowdown, no apologies, trashy, garagey, whatever-ya-wanna-call-it rock & roll since the 1960s—the kinda stuff the great unwashed mainstream (that think they know the music) will have never heard, never cared about, and never considered worth their time to find out about. The fickle minds of generations know the “important thing” is the electronically-portioned, money-measured, pre-cooked, pre-sliced cultural fare that’s served on the booty-bounced plates of approved American Pop. Without that, what is there to talk about after the Superbowl or the last recycled Facebook feed has died its unnoticed death? The only certainty about life is death, even in the hand-held existence of eternal social media.

As of January, 2016, however, that’s all she wrote. It’s over. Done. Fred and Toody’s amps have been turned off and packed away for good. No more Dead Moon, no more Pierced Arrows. They will continue doing some acoustic duo shows, so we’ll have that. And if you think that’s “pussin’ out,” well, let’s see how well you can pull that off, big talker! F & T didn’t talk about living how they wanted to live, they did it. So it barely matters that most hip Americans are completely clueless about these longtime warriors of distortion and determination. In the end, marionette or musician, all our strings break and our very motions fail us. I have no intention of philosophizing inevitables and you should be human enough to read their own words on this decision. They were the last great rocking band.

In the meantime, listen to their music, buy their vinyl, have a drink, smile because you feel good about life, and if you have a chance to see their acoustic incarnation, enjoy it and tell them HI! It’s a given that you don’t have to be young and loud to be strong.