“What was it like?” he asked.
“Nothin’ you’d wanna know about,” I said, lighting last year’s final, delicious cigarette, “It was a whole lot better. But your mama would hate to find that out. I’m sure she’s still a level-headed fusspot.”
“I wouldn’t put money on that.”
There was something evil about watching gumshoes turn and walk away.

Yes, evil. It’s just as useful as any bad idea when one clock strikes another.

After recovering from lots of hard work while launching into the editing process, 3 weeks in Los Angeles (despite the great weather) left me worn out and unsure of what the hell I was doing when I got home. But that’s life. Seriously, I’m rather used to those dynamics when a publication such as “Anti-Punk Rock—A History” delivers from the printer showing a major text snafu. An odd technical glitch made things way not right but Printing Center recognized the error, stepped up to the plate, righteously fixed it, and shipped corrected copies in the nick of time so I had lots of mersh to sell at therec setup 1 Book Soup event with Carducci and Mugger (and I saw Carol Hernandez for the first time in over 30 years, and her daughter Natalia!). There was also a “Stray Pop” show with Stella on KXLU, and important meetings with Sinecure and Cornelius Projects (to the tune of unexpected income and a long overdue art show plan).

The real deal was doing the voiceover work on the G.S. Oldman audiobook. It’s easy to have doubts but everything went way better than expected. I mean, WAY THE HELL better! I’m really not used to that when it comes to theatrical undertakings. Usually, it’s a glorified pain in the classical arse. Success? Unthinkable. So I owe major shout-outs to Janet Housden, Rory Uphold, George Basil, Pleasant Gehman, and Carlos Pineira. It was more than just stepping up to the plate; they completely raised the on-base-percentages, and allowed me to bring in 2 more actors (Richard French and BK Phillips) for minor roles I didn’t think I’d get to. Does this mean I’m actually a literary casting director now? Hmmm…

rec setup 2We can talk about commitments, but it’s deadlines that usually make things happen. Talent, in no small way, is what turns hits into runs. After all that, I’m really not upset with Virgin America for damaging my computer monitor. They’re paying for the repair, I was a guest on “The Watt From Pedro Show,” and none of it was about what’s seen, it was about what’s heard.

(btw, does that opening dialog have something to do with the above-mentioned project? no. but it seemed like a good idea at the time.)